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Lewis Hamilton has benefited from the misfortune of Max Verstappen in Brazil. | Sport


With his fifth tit, Lewis Hamilton was clear that he wants to end the season hard. Still, when he won the Brazilian Grand Prix, it was almost an unexpected victory that turned back for a while. Max Verstappen did a great drive just to be denied the top step after the clash with the lead left his spirals off while Hamilton swept the lead to Mercedes to secure their fifth consecutive World Constructors Championship.

The victory was far from one of the inexorable dominance Hamilton made in the second half of the season, but he and he did not allow them to dampen their patronage for remarkable success.

With the fifth Hamilton Championship in Mexico, Mercedes equated the Ferrari record of five consecutive driver and builder championship doubling the Scuderie, which was won by Michael Schumacher from 2000 to 2004.

"These guys have worked so hard for the last six years," Hamilton said. "It was an incredible journey, that's what we've been working on every day, and I've always said it's such an honor to drive them."

Team Director This Wolff reflects the satisfaction of his team after being pushed harder than ever else in the turbo-hybrid era. "It was a very difficult season," he said. "We were up and down, Ferrari returned strongly and Red Bull was over, but it makes the Championship victory even more enjoyable."

But the race was about Verstappen, who could scarcely overwhelm with his fury. Hamilton started off the pole and was in the lead, but Mercedes could not push the tires because the Red Bull race turned out to be powerful and it quickly turned out that the fight was with Verstappen.

He started from the fifth, but briefly attacked Kimi Räikkönen, who finished third, Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas, to eat in ten rounds. He then drove the master stint, driving his tires and staying out for 16 more bikes than Hamilton before he stopped. This allowed him to get up on the faster, soft tires that paid off. Four times in a row, Hamilton was powerless to resist while the Dutchman's extra grip allowed him to sweep around for a lead-start straight.

He quickly pulled away and the race was clearly in the hands of the Dutchman until Circle 44 was hit by Esteban Ocon in the second corner, causing him to turn and drop five seconds into Hamilton and damage his floor. Ocon was a wedge, trying to get the unnecessary risk to the race leader who was in front of the corner. "What the fuck idiot," replied Verstappen. Ocon was penalized for incident, cold comfort for Verstappen, because Hamilton managed to keep his head on the flag.

Verstappen was of course furious, a mood that apparently did not improve until the end of the race, and the situation looked like a flare when he repeatedly pushed Ocon into the weight field. "We are passionate about this sport, it would be strange to shake hands," he said. Both drivers were then summoned to the administrators.

Verstappen could have given Ocona more space, but obviously he did not expect the Frenchman to continue, understandable because he was running the race. "We did everything today," he said. "He [Ocon] he was such an idiot that he gets when he's lapsed. "

He was supported by Red Bull Team Director, Christian Horner. "Like a lap car you should not interfere with the leader," he said. "What Ocon thought about, it's faith, it does not make any sense."

He also advocated his driver's post-race event. "Esteban was lucky to get away to be honest, Max has a lost victory without his own fault, and it is extremely frustrating to lose victory over the back mark."

But for Hamilton, it was a victory because he and the team were celebrating. The record book will show only the victory and the one that keeps an extraordinary record that proves its dominance for half a decade. At present, he has an average of 10 victories every season since 2014. Verstappen again proved his credentials, but was ultimately Hamilton and Mercedes.

1 Lewis Hamilton GB 25pts Mercedes 1h 27mins 09.066sec

2 Max Verstappen Neth 18pts Red Bull +0: 01.469sec

3 Kimi Räikkönen Fin 15pts Ferrari +0: ​​04.764sec

4 Daniel Ricciardo Aus 12pts red bull +0: ​​05.193sec

5 Valtteri Bottas Fin 10pts Mercedes +0: ​​22.943sec

6 Sebastian Vettel Ger 8pts Ferrari +0: ​​26.997sec

7 Charles Leclerc After 6pts Sauber +0: ​​44.199 s

8 Romain Grosjean Fr 4pts Haas +0: ​​51,230 sec

9 Kevin Magnussen Lair 2pts Haas +0: ​​52,857sec

10 Sergio Pérez Mex 1pts Force India +1 round

Also completed: 11 Brendon Hartley NZ Toro Rosso + 1lap; 12 Carlos Sainz Sp Renault +1 round; 13 Pierre Gasly Fr Toro Rosso +1 round; 14 Stoffel Vandoorne Bel McLaren +1 round; 15 Esteban Ocon Fr Force India +1 round; 16 Sergei Sirotkin Russian Williams +1 round; 17 Fernando Alonso Sp McLaren +1 round; 18 Lance Stroll Art Williams +1 round;

Unclassified: 19 Nico Hülkenberg Ger Renault DNF; 20 Marcus Ericsson Swe Sauber DNF

Championship category: Drivers: 1 Lewis Hamilton 383pts; 2 Sebastian Vettel 302pts; 3 Kimi Räikkönen 251pts; 4 Valtteri Bottas 237pts; 5 Max Verstappen 234pts; 6 Daniel Ricciardo 158pts; 7 Nico Hülkenberg 69pts; 8 Sergio Pérez 58pts; 9 Kevin Magnussen 55pts; 10 Fernando Alonso 50pts. Constructors: 1 Mercedes 620pts; 2 Ferrari 553pts; 3 red bull 392pts; 4 Renault 114pts; 5 Haas 90pts; 6 McLaren 62pts; 7 Force India 59pts; 8 Sauber 42pts; 9 Toro Rosso 33pts; 10 Williams 7pts.

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