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LG OLED TV Black Friday 2018 sale: No big deal (yet)



The LG OLED C8 will be at the lowest price for Black Friday 2018.

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Black Friday is full deep discounts on television, and I expected sweet sales prices on the best performing TVs: LG's OLED TVs.

I was wrong.

The good news is that LG official black Friday 2018 prices for the best TV I've ever tested – OLEDC8P series – is lower than ever. The bad news is that it's not as low as I thought. Here's the tutorial.

LG 2018 OLED TV prices from November 12



Previous price

12.-1. 12th selling price



65 inches

$ 2,800

$ 2700

$ 100


55 inches

$ 1,900

$ 1,700

$ 200


65 inches

$ 2,600

$ 2,600



55 inches

$ 1,800

$ 1,800


The sale price on a black Friday starts on Monday November 12 and runs through December 1st. It is available from all major vendors.

It's nice to save a few hundreds on the C8, but the lack of any announced discounts on Selection of OLEDB8P editors – whose 55 and 65 inch predecessors last year was $ 1,500 and $ 2,300, is frankly surprising. I predicted that the B18 will drop to $ 1,500 for models measuring 55 inches and 2,100 for 65 inch models. I am also surprised that the 55-inch B8 and C8 TVs are now almost the same, and the size of the 65 inches is only $ 100.

Who knows, maybe LG will pull the last B8 discount. Anything can happen. I asked LG's representative for future price reductions on B8, but has not received a response yet.

Meanwhile, the 77-inch OLEDC8 is available for $ 7,000 from September, and it's a great TV if you're a rich one. Everyone else in this range should look first at my best 75-inch selection, Vizio series P, while Samsung Q8 or Sony X900F there are also solid 75-inch options.

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The LG C8 OLED has the best picture


Consultancy for OLED TV customer at the end of 2018

If you're ready to pull the trigger on the OLED TV and wait for the right price, it's my advice.

  • If you can, wait. Just because the sale of LG Black Friday is overwhelming, it does not mean that the company will not lower prices later in the holiday season.
  • If you have to buy now, look at 2017 models. A lot C7 models are still available and their image quality is almost as good as version 2018 – my rating C8 for direct comparison.
  • If you want the OLED 2018 now, go ahead. Upcoming rebates may not be so deep.
  • At 55 inches I recommend C8 above B8, because they are the same prices. C8 has a slightly better image quality in some isolated cases – my B8 rating for details.
  • At 65 centimeters I honestly do not think it would cost an extra $ 100 to get the C8. This difference in image quality is just as small. This means that if your calm or urgency on the last axis of image quality, calls for C8, $ 100 at this level is probably worth it.

Of course, LG's prices can change at any time, and whenever I like it too. If that happens, I'll let you know.

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