Wednesday , October 5 2022

Nissan Frontier Sentinel: Rescue Specification Navara Revealed – Car News


If you would like your Navara to pack a whole bunch of more rescue power, you will love the Frontier Sentinel, which was just revealed at the Sao Paulo Motor Show in Brazil.

Sentinel is a strict concept that was pronounced in design studio of Nissan in Brazil, but it looks heavy, right? The goal was to create a vehicle equipped for rescue operations in some of Brazil's toughest and most challenging terrain.

For this purpose, Sentinel comes with an ordinary shelf label, which is equipped with hands for gloves, axes, ropes and other rescue kit. The small "H" printed at the highest level must not welcome the smallest helicopters in the world, but rather put on a drones that can climb over the difficult terrain to find those in need and to reach them in a safe way. Fortunately, the drone is part of the Sentinel.

The biggest change, however, is that the Navara rescue car also uses double batteries that were borrowed from the Nissan Leaf EV. They are stored in their own stack, but they are not used to propel the wheels. Instead, they should provide auxiliary power, whether the vehicle's engine is running or not. There are two drawers for charging rescue equipment nearby.

Elsewhere, a snorkel for deep water passages and 16-inch alloys are packed in heavy adventure tires.

This color, if you're interested, was inspired by a Brazilian bird, a hyacinth macaw, and Nissan called Thunder-Blue. The cabin is decorated with a light yellow color that is inspired by electrical circuits and creates a combination of exterior and interior that is probably not lost in the parking lot.

Sentinel will probably once exist as a concept only and was designed to celebrate the launch of Navara in Argentina this month.

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