Wednesday , August 17 2022

Scientists say that the eclipse of the solar system is a major magnetic tunnel


This pattern can unite structures in the sky that were previously thought to be indistinguishable.

Tunnel-like structure

An astronomer has presented a bold model that suggests that the solar system is operating with a large, magnetic tunnel.

The model focuses on nine major structures in the sky: the North Polar Spring and the Fan Area, according to a press release. University of TorontoGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Although the structures were apparently unelected when they were discovered decades later, a team of university researchers at Fluoromer Dr. Jennifer West’s suggestion now suggests that they are in fact a large, tunnel-like magnetic field. Erie around the solar system.

“If we look up at the sky we will see this tunnel-like structure almost everywhere we went – that is, if we had eyes that could see the radio light,” the West press release said. She and her team have published a paper of their findings The scienceGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Scope to unite

To arrive at these conclusions, West built his computer model that created the radio that takes the sky from the sand. Using this, the team was able to determine that the structures were connected “rope-like” with magnetic fibers, according to the release.

The West estimates that the structures are about 350 light years away from our solar system and approximately 1,000 light years long. “That equals the distance traveled between Toronto and Vancouver trillion times,” West said in the release.

Future research

The team is planning to complete more and more complex modeling in the future – with the hopes of developing and understanding what role the magnetic tunnel plays in the galaxy.

“The magnetic field is not available in isolation. All of them must connect to one another, “West said in the release. “So the next step is to better understand that this local magnetic field does not connect to the galactic magnetic field on a large scale, as well as to our sun and of today’s small scale magnetic fields.”

He added, “I think it’s just scary to imagine that these structures are everywhere, whenever we look at the night sky.

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