Wednesday , October 5 2022

The ruler dominates the blood, inclines to B-film brio


If you have the idea of ​​a perfect weekend, the trunk is full Commando comics and seemingly endless supplies of Malteser, then action-horror Overlord should deliver the same pulsating pill for two hours. And just like Commandoes and Maltesers, it's a lot more.

Securing lock and load

With the D-Day underway, an American parachutist aircraft is being set up and shot down for the enemy. Only four of them survive: newcomer Boyce (Jovan Adepo), sniper Tibbet (John Magaro), photographer Chase (De Caestecker) and Ford (Wyatt Russell), Alpha explosive expert who is more than willing to go alone. Its goal is the German radio tower in the old church, which must be destroyed to protect the advancing units. Ford does not bother too much to come back.

It blows out now …

When Ford and Boyce began helping one of the locals, they began to plan an attack-only to find that there was much more in the basement than the signal interference …

Flame Ripley and MacReady are still burning

He struck B-film trifecta of wildness, set-pieces and snarkiness, Overlord surpasses a bit of hokey CGI and a French village with a flat package and turns into a life-saving lock and load. You know exactly what you got from the point of view of the character – the sniper can not quench, the photographer has "tache, the local oil ship commander in the barrel – but director Avery and his cast go for it as fans release on the movie set, and chaos and gayness just come. That's strange, "says one soldier." Add him to the list, "says his mate. that kind of film.

As a father, as a son – Wyatt Russell in action

As the hero of every human being, Remnants and Jack Ryan star Jovan Adepo is just as impressive as body counting while Wyatt Russell digs into his DNA and gives his father Snake Plissken to indicate that family's poor work is the safest of crippled hands. Both players actually made their money; passing on more to watch them, doing it all again as seemingly the least that can help to continue the effort.

There is no succession of post-credit, nor – the proper old school.

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