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The science of how cats languages ​​keep purity


Cat's languages ​​contain 300 small spoonfuls of spoonfuls that allow them to moisten the hair base with their saliva, US scientists have observed high-resolution cameras (AFP Photo / CANDLER HOBBS)

Washington (AFP) – American researchers, armed with high-speed cameras, have revealed the secrets of caring for cats. It's all in the language. Just the way they thought.

The cat's tongue contains 300 small blade-shaped vanes called filiform papules that moisten with saliva to clean the fur, a report on Monday in the peer-reviewed journal, published in the National Academy of Sciences.

Until now, the scientific consensus on this matter was that these papillae were conical, almost like small claws.

In reality, however, these structures, made of keratin, end up in the U-shaped cavities at the tips, carry saliva out of the mouth and carry them to the fur and the skin.

"It looks like a half pipe," said co-author Alexis Noel, a researcher at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

"It's more like coffee straw, when we add straw to the liquid, the water actually gets into this small cavity, so when the cat goes to the groom, she is able to take these fluids into her back and penetrate deep into her hair and be able to distribute her cleansing saliva in all the hairs, "Noel, whose background is in engineering, AFP said.

Cats spend about a quarter of their life. He spends about 14 hours a day sleeping.

Maintaining their fur helps to remove fleas, debris and excess heat. Cat fur consists of an outer layer for protection and an inner skin for heat.

Six different types of felines, including domestic cats, tigers and lions, have been studied.

Researchers also cut the tongues of dead cats and recorded high-speed videos of domestic cats in action.

Scientists say practical applications could include futuristic human-style brushes that are modeled after a cat's tongue.

Industrial use could occur.

"It could be really useful for carpet cleaning technology to get the cleaning liquid deep into carpets," Noel said.

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