Tuesday , September 21 2021

A bigger goal gives hope for the Legia in the Champions League. Good results at Zagreb Pika Nona

– We’re here to make a new date. We didn’t come to Zagreb to score a goal – to threaten locals Czesław Michniewicz. Yes, given the threatened Mecca, it was that Dynamo – a team that regularly plays in European Cups, unlike Lijia, which has not been on the group stage for five years – was a favorite of this match. And it’s still here, but not as big as in Zagreb before Wednesday’s game.

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Kapustka’s Cieszyn scared and scored a goal in the 91st minute in Lopes. A challenging match awaits a weak Legia

Three medal chances in Poland.  That is the initial plan on August 5thThree medal chances in Poland. That is the initial plan on August 5th

But this match could be a bad start for Legia. Already in the first minute, when Philip Mladenovich got the ball into the penalty corner, Ian of his penalty area, which Bruno Petkovic did not take advantage of. In addition, the first quarter of an hour did not promise anything promising. But then came the U: 18th, and then the 19th minute. And ir efforts by Mahir Emreli. The first was defended by Dominique Lewakovich, and was defended by Dynamo’s defenders in partnership with their goalkeeper.

The football quality advantage was on the dynamo side, but it was a bit of an icicle. As it was expected that Michniewicz will have a plan. And he had His players played in strong defense. Particularly in defense, not necessarily in relief, where they are not so organized and focused. Halfway through the half – – for a match with a competitor of this class – one can be hopeful, however.

Artur Bourque helped, but after a while he didn’t even move

It is true that he did not end up with a better shot of Lijia until the break, but neither did Denham. There were efforts though – on both sides. And that was something you could put on your happy premise. After a break, however, they slowly disappear. In the 55th minute, Artur Bourque defended Lovro Majer’s fiendishly strong and accurate shot from afar, but four minutes later he didn’t get a chance. He hadn’t made the move yet when Petkovic – who was dealing with Vaticanska in the Pinnacle area – jumped on the ball and beat him with his head.

Napoli vs. Vicia.  Did the judge doWin with Napoleon Vasia Krakow! But it wasn’t like that. Great controversy

Legia strives to answer that goal. First, in the 63rd minute Mladenović, who lied in the penalty area and did not fire. And then 66%. Josip Juranović, who fired the shot, but Kevin Diffel-Catherine stopped him with a sacrificial victim. It was a good opportunity for the Polish champions, but not the best. The best substitute in the 82nd minute was Ernest Musa, who recently defeated Denham goalkeeper with a strong shot from the penalty area in a league match against Woods Puck (1-0). And this is the Legia Drag 1-1 in the first game in Zagreb.

Vengeance against Dinam and Dinam on Sharyknowska on Erie on Tuesday 21st. If the Polish champion defeats the Croatian champion, in the second half of August, he will fight for the Champions League group stage with Zvezda Belgaard – Sheriff Terraspool (1-1 in the first match). General Chat Chat Lounge If he was eliminated from Denmark, he would compete for the Europa League with Sylvia Prague – the Pharynkoviros overall (the Pharynkoviros won 2-0 in the first match). However, Michniewicz’s team is already confident of playing in the third cup – the UEFA Conference League.

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