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Explains the legend of the Polish band. Her illness saved her daughter's life


Urszula Dudziak, despite having achieved unimaginable musical success, had to face numerous tragedies. Her private life was not the easiest and the star had to cope with many wounds of fate. In the event of her serious illness, the element of luck was disguised as a disguise.

Urszula Dudziak is undoubtedly one of the most famous and respected Polish artists abroad. Unfortunately, her worldwide success has been paid by private drama.

After many years, the star decided to return with memories of the old times in which he had to fight for his family but also for health. Apparently she surprisingly revealed that the diagnosis of cancer allowed her to save her daughter.

Urszula Dudziak is fighting cancer

Life has never been saved by Urszula Dudziak. Despite the fact that she already had good contacts with her daughters, she was not always so varied. When her children were small, more tragedies were their lives tormented. At first, her mother had said goodbye to Michał Urbaniek after it became clear that he was cheating on her with Liliana Komorowska.

Later, it was nothing better. Urszula Dudziak joined Jerzy Kosiński. When the family finally seemed to start negotiating, the writer committed suicide. The singer was not afraid to admit to being immersed in depression.

The singer had to take another serious blow ten years ago. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

– In 2008 I got breast cancer. At that time, my daughter, Kasia, was in Sichuan, China, and was examining the secrets of Chinese medicine. When she discovered I was sick, she came to Warsaw and brought me two boxes. One was a book about cancer, and the other was a supplement. She said: Mom, you will do what you think is appropriate – the star remembers.



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– I do not know if you choose chemistry, radiotherapy or hormone therapy. I just know I will not let you know about this disease, "said Urszula Dudziak's daughter.

It quickly emerged how fate can be perverted. An immediate response to reports of mother cancer saved the life of the singer's daughter.

Then came the news that there was an earthquake, and all who were in the monastery died. It could be said that my illness rescued Kasia and I recovered – it revealed the star.

Over the next few weeks, Dudziak and his daughter have been trying to find effective tactics to fight cancer.

– We went with Kasi at the Macrobiotic Institute in Massachusetts. She knew this place. Her boyfriend recovered after having been diagnosed with an incurable disease. The doctors gave him several months of life, and he has been controlling the disease for several years – the star is covered.


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Bark and her private nightmares. The shocking facts of her life have seen the light of day

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