Wednesday , August 4 2021

GTA 5 with an unmatched level of realism. Artificial intelligence improves game graphics •

A recording from a car camera.

  • Researchers working on beauty techniques ?? Artificial ?? Pictures – from games for example
  • GTA 5 was used as an example
  • The tool is not available to the public

Intel ISL Research Group outlined the photography enhancement project, which aims to make computer-generated images more realistic thanks to artificial intelligence. The operation of the tool is shown on the example of GTA 5.

We can see the effects available on the project website, in the video below and in the comparison imagery. Selection graphics are also included in the body of this message.

The method developed by Intel ISL analyzes each frame of the game’s animation and makes it more realistic thanks to the so-called revolutionary network, making images based on a database called CityScape – different locations in Germany’s cities. Includes recordings from several of the driver’s car video recordings.


This tool works on the basis of other artificial intelligence to make pictures beautiful – ore enhances volatility so selects many images from a database that resembles a currently processed frame and compares it to a wasted reference material. In place The same – quite complex – method is described in the material above.


Intel ISL claims that the asphalt is smooth thanks to enhanced photography experience and the car’s body is shiny. The fact that most city-scoop recordings from Germany explain the specific change in color of the ette – reducing the characteristic of California (Los Santos is Los Angeles) by adding brown and orange and green.

Note that the example offered by the developers is somewhat colored. It’s not the best quality, and the low frame rate is taking its toll. More details, though, can be seen in the static graphics.

Intel SSL does not announce whether it will release the tool to the public in the future.

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