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Jarosław Gowin: Where is the viola of resignation alliance agreement in government and it has not been consulted. There will be a reaction

– This is the link to the coalition agreement, so I called a meeting of the board of trustees on Saturday and we will decide how to resolve this fact, and how to resolve the reasons for this resignation from above – Polyst News Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin said on Wednesday.

– There is no doubt, and probably not for anybody, that the reason for this is a review of the tax solutions proposed by the Ministry of Finance, Minister Kournica’s review is completely in accordance with what I believe in, and the Ag Agreement. – said the leader. Of the group.

When asked on Prime Minister Mathews Moravsky’s decision about the party’s response, he replied that it would have to wait.

– We’ll think about it on thinking. We will make the right decision. Those decisions will be, I cannot deny it today, we are a democratic party – the vice-president of the government said, announcing the party board meeting.

Prime Minister wants to oust Anna Kournica. The deputy minister of development, labor and technology criticizes the Polish order

When asked if Deputy A had discussed the deportation of Deputy Minister Kournika with Prime Minister Mathews Moravsky, he acknowledged that such a conversation had taken place.

– We exchanged opinions on this topic, maybe everyone has their own opinion – Gwen said.

– In my opinion, there is no doubt that the reason (his resignation) was as a minister in tax affairs – the inclusion of the agreement now. – Many solutions are worth helping in Poland, but when it comes to tax solutions, what the finance ministry has suggested is that it specifically attacks Polish companies, namely micro, small and medium-sized factories. General Chat Chat Lounge It undoubtedly needs reform – said the politician.

Earlier on TVN24, Gwen said that the decision to dismiss Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki Anna Kournica was not consulted with him.

Minister for Development, Labor and Technology has announced that the decision to dismiss Kournika will not be a response to the agreement. Asked if the Ag agreement would remain in the governing coalition, he said the national board of the agreement would discuss it at the meeting. – The decision will be a collective one, I will recommend further action, but my colleagues from the agreement will be the first to underscore my decision – said the agreement.

According to Gwen, Saturday’s meeting will decide the fate of the alliance. – On Saturday, we will decide if and when, and if, under certain circumstances we are ready to continue to cooperate in the United States – the politician said and said that “it will not be simple cooperation”.

Gwynne explained that grouping must take into consideration and our nd our existing partner partners the arguments of the partners. – We will not make decisions based on such criteria as the stool attached – he emphasized. -The best sentiments are child motives, you have to guide the ration debit, the interests of Poland and the millions of hard-working polls above them, it was in the safety of those hard-working polls. Minister Karnika paid the resignation – Gwen said.

Government spokesman Pieter Mرller announced Wednesday afternoon that Prime Minister Mathews Moravsky has decided to oust Anna Kournicka from the position of Under Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology. “The reason is certainly the unsatisfactory pace of work in the field of building 70m homes on important polished projects.2 And without the purchase of an apartment without their contribution “- the spokesman wrote.

“When I joined the government, I had one goal: to defend Polish entrepreneurs. They have no consent to tax and levy. I do not regret his payment with his resignation. Poland Grow – Work as a Aggression Agreement ”- wrote Karnika on Twitter.

What’s on for a Polish order? Limits of agreement

– I took my decision comfortably. Sometimes you become a minister – yes In the Politico News program Go Go Wilder, Anna Kournica comments on the Prime Minister’s removalGeneral Chat Chat Lounge In an interview with Bogdan Rimanowski, he emphasized that being a minister “has no end in itself, it is a means of achieving the goal that serves all Poles”.

– Over the past 9 months I have worked hard to prove that I was able to implement all the projects and projects for Poland – said Anna Kournicka. Convert this to another housing package, aerial planning reform or solution-related appeal housing support. He also announced that these plans have been included in the Public Information Bulletin of the Council of Ministers. – They’re ready, heel. Totally allegations that there are no plans or that they have been gradually implemented are baseless – he added.

“I completely agree with Minister Kournica’s words that the assumptions of the Polish Order make the tax burden for millions of Poles very difficult. About. Agreement.

Interia’s arguments from the Prime Minister’s Chancellor do not believe, in turn, that Kournikas care more about the interests of the developers than the citizens. She was, in the midst of convincing members of parliament to cooperate, with the opposition, to contribute to the Calcutta Development Guarantee Fund (2 to 1 and 1) about the Senate amendment and the percentage rates used. And 0.2 to 0.1). He also had the option of selecting a plot of 1000 m22 The renovation can house up to 70 meters without permission – to construct a building, a plot of land would be required. 2,000 meters. It is also she who is responsible for the amendment of the cooperative law, which was critically reviewed, among them, by the Government Legislation Center – Inertria.

The cup of anger brought to the fore Tuesday by Kournica’s statements in the media on Tuesday, including tax solutions involving Polish relations between the yen – in his opinion harmful to businessmen.

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