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Like a love The situation will be tough for the marks! Is there a lie about pregnancy? – kiss

Like a love Anya (Maria Plovako)
Author: MLL McFilm
Like a love Anya (Maria Plovako)

Because "M jak miłość" Marin (Mikołaj Roznerski) is finally decided and chosen (Anya Maria (Maria Pawłowska) or Alia Kalska, is not sure now, but hopes that in "the beginning of 2017", "M jak" The process of this love triangle in the new opposition of miłość "will end up with the end of the series." Love for Colossia "from the premiere series reveals that Anya tells the Martin herself to tell him whether he lives with him and will live with , Or to return to the alias. And that means that the nails will not grow and the falsehood will come out. See whether the upcoming movie "Mark Müzik" with Marx and his women.

Who's going to Marsson with "Mickey Matching" – Anya or Alizée?

"M jak miłość" shows recent projections that subsequently Eagades will be with Alizée Mark, and will not fail to fight for the heart of Chodakowski. You can read more about this topic Here >>>

However, screenwriters "M jak miłość" have introduced many time-consumers before, and when it feels that Marks and Alias ​​are together, someone or some of their happy paths. And that's just about Asia, or Orthopedic Psychology. Jorge Karz (Karzai's Physical) also insisted in this scenario, which does not know that he is interested in Elia, it looks like he is not inexperienced by Marxins.

The fans of Aza and Marx are ready to take a good emotion from "M.M. Miyulu". Because with the joy of her happiness, with the scene of horror, envy and fear for the general future. Interestingly, in the introduction of "M jak miłość" in the beginning of 2019, they will take this job. And stirred hard conditions for the margins.

Think you really want to stay with me … I do not want to be alternated – It says that the preliminary idea of ​​"M jak miłość" was in the beginning of 2019.

Maria Polokocco makes her novel "love for calculation," because the asia and her "beautiful heart" are hunting.

On one side Mark, who can not describe his feelings, despite this fact, it does not happen that strengthens his strength and strives to force India … contrary, to enter it into a plain field Strives for Honors were long ago and did not use it … that is not why why something will ask. Wait for a man I need a cleaner – I'm with you or not. If Marx does not decide such a thing, will definitely take these things in their hands!

And what is this about Maxwell Resolve for everyone? – I thought Marxin could not give everyone luck … it kept the mind, not the mind. In case the children are involved, such a big responsibility, then work should work.

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