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Mjak miłość, Episode 1453: Standing on the Paula's First Jolla! Plus you won't be alone

    M jak miłość Episode 1347. Ala (Olga Freck), Powie (Rafał Mroczek)
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M jak miłość Episode 1347. Ala (Olga Freck), Powie (Rafał Mroczek)

Unfortunately "M jak miłość" will be in relation to the more engaging model. Jolla (Joanna Kubasuka) and Polo (Rafko Marquez) will not be too lucky, because in the 1453 measure "Mick Fluke", Ala (Olga Freck) will stand on the road. Zodowski's ex-wife lives in London with his new wife, but he will not be alone. Ali's problems will have a negative effect on Jaljuku, who cannot stand and tells his beloved what his thoughts and his wives are!

"M jak miłość" Episode 1453 – Mon, 16/09/2019, at 20.55 TV

The "Magic Molo" quote from Jolla and Polo will be Ali's. Not enough, though, in the 1453 episode "Mikk Moloko" to be an important part of the controversy between Polo's former spouses. It starts with the fact that Basia (Gabriella Ricczewski) is ill and her mother will not even have time to visit Poland.

Seeing Bessie's promise that Besson, who is not her own child, but loves her madly, Jolla won't oppose criticizing his wife. – I do not want to interfere or comment on anything, because I do not care, but I do not understand it. A little sick, they have trouble with mascara, but that doesn't justify everything … – With Jolla contempt.

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Immediately, he'll add a note that Polo doesn't like. Because he will bind the special bond that binds Zodiaca to Basia. – I can't imagine living with one of my kids. Even he would not dislike her beloved.

Despite this 1453 article "M jak miłość", it is surprising to her that Jolla did not realize how much her twin daughter was in her life. – Who with the father He would ask inadvertently. And he would start defending Ali, who had not been interested in Basia for a long time.

This is Basia's decision. And this is not just about me, but about Dad Stefan too, about Damon about school! You know, it's never been an easy decision for Ali …

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Jolla comes to the conclusion that it no longer makes sense to remove the sensitive subject. – I know and you're a good boy, you know? He said he would strangle his beloved. And sometime in the 1453 episode "Mike Molokovi" he will be remembered as a surprise to him and to her.

I was trying to get Pano to buy a big apartment again and have the kids together. – It's easy for us financially, my dad's business is starting … Can we buy this apartment and we're thinking about spending time together?

Zodowski's answer would be to dissuade Jolk's dreams in 1453 from "M jak miło 14". And in part, Aladdin, who was greatly hurt by his loyalty to the English Mark (Hubert Wróblewski), will help him in this. – Understand, please … I'm not ready for this! Maybe I'll change my mind, I don't know, but today, now, I don't want any more kids … – The statements have.

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