Tuesday , May 17 2022

President of the Bundesliga Bundesliga


For the last few years, Borussia has been twice champion of Germany, and five times at the lower stages of the podium, and her fans have focused their teeth due to competition with Bayern Munich. The most painful for them, however, was that the Dortmund leaders were often bought by the Bavarian club and willingly changed their colors.

In the Bundesliga match on Saturday, after an exciting battle, Borussia Dortmund defeated Bayern 3: 2 and retained the position in the table. This club in Munich must be pursuing and trying to reduce the distance. According to Hans-Joachim, Watzke does not do this by transferring it, that is, buying the most important line from Borussia, as was the case in the recent past.

In 2013, Borussia turned to Bayern in Mario Goetz (three years later he returned), the next season Robert Lewandowski chose a course for Bavaria and in 2016 we had to deal with Mats Hummels. – At the time of Mario Goetz and Robert Lewandowsky we could not defend ourselves in any way. Now Bayern is getting more economical than we can, but we can bet, "said Sky-Hansi Joachim Watzke in front of the cameras and immediately added." I can safely predict that none of our players will have a cotton shirt in the coming year.

President Borussia suggested that transfers of players from his club to Bayern are unlikely to serve players. This testifies to the case of Goetz, who fascinated Dortmund and lost himself to Munich and had to return to the previous club as a crazy son. "If Mario was with us all the time, I think his career will be even bigger," Watzke said, adding that he was going to extend the deal with Goetz. – Of course we'll talk to him. Mario is a Dortmund boy and we do not keep him to make money – he finished the president of the Bundesliga leader.

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