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Sejm elected 12 November to work. Where to buy? [OTWARTE SKLEPY 12.11.2018]



On November 12, labor without a job is thought by Warsaw city councilor PiS Pawel Zalewski, who explains that November 11th of this year falls on Sunday, so the Poles will be as free. Therefore, another day should be added to celebrate such an important celebration with dignity. Zalewski refers to Marshal Józef Piłsudsky, who on 10 February 1919 also set up another day off – coupled with the first session of the Legislative Sejm.

Such a quick fix of the day, however, managed to divide the Poles. Half thinks it's a great idea, and the other is different.

The vote was preceded by a sharp exchange of views from the parliamentary pulpit. Jerzy Meysztowicz of Nowoczesn said that what PiS suggests for a century of independence is "one big shame." – Have you known for three years that we celebrate this holiday and what do you suggest? Joint chorus of 12 hymns, inflatable slides for children or the nationalist march (…) You wanted to bring in a situation where no celebration associated with this really important anniversary will stop the revelation of the monument to Lech Kaczynski. It was your intention, "cried the MP, accusing the government of throwing money. He added that the draft law proposed by PiS is "the biggest knot coming out of the plenary hall".

Culture Minister Piotr Gliński responded to his words. – These 240 million are much less than all other countries – comparable to Poland, which gained new independence 100 years ago – assured the minister. Gliński stressed that all ministry spending is transparent and available on the Internet.

Five days before the new holiday, President Andrzej Duda, who has already announced that he will do so, must still sign the bill.

Which stores will be open on November 12?

National holidays limit trade. This means that shopping malls, supermarkets and discount stores will be closed. Exceptions include flower shops, petrol stations, pastry shops, bakeries, souvenir shops, newspaper stores, tobacco stores and public transport and post office tickets. Poles will also be able to shop at stores located at railway stations or airports.

This means that on 12 November frogs will be opened by post. Biedronka is also at the main train station.


Biedronka Opening Hour Monday, November 12

Biedronka on November 12 is closed.

Lidl Opening Hour Monday, November 12

Lidl November 12 is closed.

Tesco Opening Hour Monday, November 12

Tesco is closed on November 12th.

Carrefour opening hours Monday, November 12

Carrefour is closed on November 12th.

Opening hours of E.Leclerc Monday, November 12

E.Leclerc on November 12 is closed.

Opening hours Monday 12 November

Clean November 12 is closed.

Żabka and Freshmarket Opening Hours Monday, November 12

Stocks of these chains will be open at the discretion of the owner. Frogs are mail that can be opened.

Piotr i Paweł opening hours Monday, November 12

Piotr and Paweł are closed on November 12th.

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