Wednesday , October 5 2022

The largest wooden roller coaster in the world will be built in Poland. It will be available in two years


Enrgylandia is currently the largest amusement park in Poland. At the end of November, the season was summed up – this year's park was visited by Zator and 1.5 million people. During this event, many interesting changes were announced for the coming years.

New attractions for the past two years

In the future, an area of ​​150 hectares will be developed. Create, among other things, a hotel with many attractions (such as the possibility of swimming gondolas). The construction of an indoor aquapark was also announced. However, the biggest impression is the creation of Energyland, the largest wooden roller coaster in the world. In this way the first queues were built on this. This attraction will be available to guests in 2020.

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The largest wooden roller coaster

The largest wooden roller coaster in the world – a wooden roller coaster – will rise to a height of over 60 m and will reach a speed of 115 km / h. On a 1300 m long track, followed by two trains (each of which will accommodate 24 people in six rows), three passengers are waiting for the passengers (this is an element that turns the passengers upside down). Thematically, the new part of Energyland will be associated with legends of dragons and knights.

Currently, T Express Everland is the highest wooden runway in South Korea and Wildfire in Sweden.

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