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Unemployment – Official data for July 2021. The number of unemployed fell for the fifth consecutive month

According to the ministry, the unemployment rate registered in July dropped by a fifth consecutive decrease in Poland. Where are the problems at least finding a job?

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Unemployment in Poland. In July, the number of unemployed registered decreased

The Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology has published estimates that show that the unemployment rate in Poland has dropped again to zero. – July was the fifth consecutive month when unemployment levels registered in Poland dropped. Recent data on unemployment shows that we are slowly returning to a stable economic path. The situation on the labor market in Poland is primarily the result of government-initiated security measures – Deputy Minister Iwona Myshek said.

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The ministry says that preliminary data shows that the number of unemployed registered in labor offices in July 2021 was 975.9 thousand. The number dropped to 17.5 thousand compared to the unemployed people and the end of June 2021. People, ie 1.8%.

Unemployment rate in Poland. Lowest unemployment rate in Greater Poland Voodoo

The lowest registered unemployment rate was recorded in Wielkopolskie voivodship (3.5%), and the highest in the Warmicńsko-Mazurskie (8.9%). According to the data, the unemployment rate was not more than 9% in any of the Voodoo Shops. – Report Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology.

A preliminary analysis of the ministry also shows that in July 2021, 120.5 thousand employees will be able to submit to the offices. Vacancies and Jobs Activities This means that it is 2.8 thousand, or 2.3 percent. Yankees and 14.6 thousand, or 13.8 percent from June this year. July 2020 to Vic

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“According to data published by Eurostat on July 30 this year, the unemployment rate, calculated by Eurostat’s definition, is 3.6% in Poland, compared with 7.1% in the European Union and 7.7% in the Euro Area. In place, with a higher Malta in terms of lower unemployment rate in the EU, “the ministry says.

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