Monday , September 26 2022

"Your face sounds familiar": Boogie as Drake criticized in the US. Production declaration


The production of the "Your Face Sounds Well-known" program has released a special statement in connection with criticism in American media Boogy's performance from the Łobuza group in the role of Drake.

Boogie like Drake in "Yours Yourself"

Below you can watch the whole ninth episode program "Your face is known"in which Bogumił "Boogie" Romanowski played drake in its hot line Bling.

Recall that the goal of the Polsat exhibitors is to transform as faithfully as possible the world's largest icons of the world and the Polish music scene. The winner of each episode (and the whole program) can pay this price to any charity.

September 8 began the tenth edition, in which, besides the singer group villains (from hits "I feel it is in me") Mateusz Ziółko, Rafał Szatan, Marek Molak, Honorata Skarbek, Katarzyna Maciąg, Michalina Sosna and Adriana Kalska, Their performance is rated by the winner of the previous version – Kacper Kuszewski (popular Marek from "M as a Grace"), mezzosoprano Malgorzata Walewska and actors Paul Królikowski and Catherine Skrzynecka. Show guests stay Maciej Dowbor and Piotr Gąsowski.

In Saturday's episode (November 3rd) Boogie gained 47 points, definitely ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, he wrote an American web site about his metamorphosis and criticized "blackface," which means characterizing a white man to an African.

"Although his performance was both shallow and insulting, Bogumił managed to win." The Instagram profile, which is tracked by more than 40,000 observers, has its black face and it seems that no one has said he is responsible for it. the person that this is a very bad idea "- comments the American portal.

"Although Bogumil has not yet decided to justify or admit that his black-and-white image is offensive, but he is assessing the cultural differences between the United States and Poland, he is unlikely to be equally concerned," writes journalists who are obviously not familiar with the program rules.

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