Tuesday , May 17 2022

Father sings and calms his daughter as he walks through the California fire scene


The man from Paradise, California, tried to calm his daughter by singing and chatting with her as they passed the flames. Watch the video.

Allen's family was one of many who were forced to leave their home in California to escape the flames consuming the region.

According to CNN, Joe Allen was in a car with Olivier, 3, while Whitney and her eight-month-old daughter were driving in another vehicle.

Joe shot the moment he crossed the road surrounded by flames. Little Olivia lived a creepy moment, but her father always tried to keep her calm.

"There's so much fire here, let's burn," Olivia says.

Joe calms her and says it's going to be all right. Then she begins to sing, "Honey, it'll be all right."

The little one shows his fear that he can not see the car where the mother followed, but her father stays calm.

Soon afterwards, Joe and Olivia are finally able to cross the flames. "You did it!" Olivia cried.

"Our life has changed drastically, but the most important thing is here, although we've lost everything, we are celebrating Olivia's birthday, we're all together, and that's important," said Whitney FOX.

Paraside is one of the most devastated fires. Of the 25 people who lost their lives, 23 were Paraside.

Watch the video.

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