Thursday , September 29 2022

Mia Couto today presents in Maputo "Water and Eagle"


"The water and eagle are a children's book about the great eagles flying on the earth. The metaphor for the river's erection is designed in the text," the statement said.

The works will be launched in the cultural space of the Leite Couto Foundation, created in memory of Father Mia Couto.

"The text of Mia Couto, in collaboration with Danuta Wojciechowsky's illustration, makes this work a unique space that reflects poetically on the water, a theme that repeats in his work," he adds.

Mia Couto, born in Mozambique in 1955, published her work in poetry, storytelling, chronicle and novel.

The Camoes Prize in 2013, Mia Couto is also the author of "Jerusalem", "The Last Flight of Flamingo", "Voices of the Night", "Tales of Abensonhadas", "Terra Sonâmbula", "Frangipani Package" and "A Lion Confession".

For the younger he also wrote "The Rain Storm" or "The Second Leg of the Mermaid".

Danuta Wojciechowska, long-established Canadian based in Portugal, is the author and illustrator of children's books, almost all of them with a theme that is strongly related to nature, but the visual work also applies to graphic design.

Danuta Wojciechowska has already illustrated the works of Ondjaki, José Eduardo Agualusa, Álvaro Magalhães, Alice Vieira, Jorge Légía and Luísa Ducla Soares.

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