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Music columns with Spotify Connect will work with the free version


There are more and more music columns with associated or supported streaming services. The Spotify column is the Premium service you require, but it may take several days.

Spotify says it will now let the subscribers of a free version stream music through Spotify Connect columns.

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Free Spotify gains more benefits

We recently tested two examples of smart columns that rely on streaming music services. For Apple HomePod, this device only supports Apple Music, which has no free use template (only 30 days to try).

For the Bose speaker, the Bose Home Speaker 500, you have several services you can associate with this column, including Spotify. If the Premium version was previously required, it will now be possible to use a free account, according to the company.

But when is it possible?

Do not just turn the column on and off. To benefit from the change, hardware vendors will need to upgrade to the latest Spotify SDK.

Spotify's free status continues to be limited compared to Spotify Premium, but in April when it began its service renewal, it has enabled many non-paying participants much more freedom in what they can hear.

Rather than being forced to mix songs in the catalog, the service provided users with a free version of 15 automatically generated playlists from which they could freely choose to play music even though they had to listen to the ads after a few feet.

Of course, Spotify will not open much more, because the company's core business is Premium. For this reason, it restricts the free model, for example, it does not allow you to download songs to your smartphone or computer, enjoy them offline, and offer lower audio quality.

Premium users stop paying?

Maybe there are some who do it, but it will be a residual number. The fact that we can listen to music without ads, download songs for headphones offline, excellent sound quality and other benefits is worth investing.

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