Wednesday , October 5 2022

Samsung introduces Infinite Flex Display to change smartphone to tablet


Samsung has SDC 2018, a developer conference on Wednesday, October 7, in which it officialized the new Android Pie interface that will change its name after two years, the opening of the Bixby code for third parties and the most anticipated announcement, a new smartphone foldable display.

The company has demonstrated a brief history of the smartphone screen since the beginning of the Galaxy line to date with the so- "infinite display". The new era, which should begin next year, preserves this concept of something that does not end, is baptized "Infinite Flex Display" ("Infinity Flex Display & # 39;in English).

The displayed device or prototype has two screens. One will be displayed with the device closed. The second, which is a really flexible display, stays inside and turns the smartphone into a tablet. You can see more or less how it works in the above video.

Endless display

To achieve this new moment, Samsung has gone through a number of innovations on displays. It all started in 2009 with the AMOLED screen. The next year we knew Super AMOLED, which increased the resolution until 2015, when the super-AMOLED curved or fringe. Two years later, an infinite hi-display appeared on the Galaxy S8.

The future, which is already available, reserves three new types of displays, all of them endless: "U", an iPhone style slot; & Quot; & quot ;, commonly known as & quot; drop notch & quot ;; and "O", maybe what we will see in S10 galaxy. Later, we will have folding, again in three levels (see figure above).

The first collapsing galaxy

After narrowing the edge of our smartphones almost to zero, the next step is to offer in our pockets larger but still fit headphones. This is the idea Samsung plans to bring to the market will soon come.

The company is Infinite Flex Display reduces the thickness by up to 45% screens allowing the supply of very small devices – more or less similar flagships that we have on the market today, but with two screens, one of which is folding. And the screen may be opened to a closed position hundreds of thousands of times without suffering.

It's a tablet that fits into your pocket. This opens up real multitasking capabilities, with more than two apps on the screen at the same time. Of course, to make it possible, you still need to optimize Android to work properly with all of these new features.

Now you have to think that this future is far away, right? Samsung announced it was ready to start mass production new folding displays in the coming months. So it should not take long before the first models with all these innovations come in.

Who knows the first Samsung model with this flexible screen at CES 2019 in January we do not know? Do you think it's possible? Tell us the comments.

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