Friday , May 27 2022

The plane that landed in Beja mobilized civil protection assets and attracted curiosity


Air Astana's successful landing crashes, which took place today at the Beja Airstrip, mobilized military and civilian protection and attracted curiosity to the airport zone.

I've seen the app [app] that the plane was "on the way to Beja and" I came to visit, "said the reporter who did not want to be identified at the Lusan news agency, near one of the fences near the airport.

The man who was armed with the camera explained that he still sees "the airplane in the air, accompanied by the military F-16, but then saw" nothing else ", that is, he could not find the track in the Beja Nº11 air base.

After the aircraft landing, Embraer, on the landing of the Portuguese Air Force (FAP), but also for landing aircraft using Beja Airport, Lusa went to a civilian terminal but found who besides a few curious, quiet "ruled" on the spot.

The airport building was closed and Lusa was informed by a PSP agent that the plane had already landed in the army and would remain at the air base facility, ie it would not be routed to the parking zone of the civilian terminal.

Near the fence at the airport there were parking signs, where there were two planes, but the tracks were not visible.

Several kilometers from Beji Airport, after S. Brissos, where the military unit's runway can be observed, Lusa discovered that until 17:00 Air Astana Embraer was parked and surrounded by several vehicles, some with helmets.

A few minutes later, both F-16s escorted an emergency landing aircraft that remains on the runway.

Contacted by Lusa, commander of the Beja Military Operations, commander of Vitor Cabrita, revealed that Emergency Land Air Astana was forced to "activate the alarm network for these cases" of civil protection.

The Beja Assistance Command (CDOS) has explained that it has mobilized two city fire engines with a total of 12 operating vehicles on the Air Base No. 11, a six-seater with four six operating ambulances and four controls. "

Already the source of the Beja Landing Order from GNR Lus stated that "five patrols and two alumni were mobilized if it was necessary to guarantee the evacuation corridors", but "they were not committed".

"We had two more GNR patrols on airport access control, but there were no problems," said the same source.

The PSP was also alerted to the origin of the aircraft, although an emergency landing took place at the base of Air Force 11 with military jurisdiction.

"The plane basically remains in the air base and does not go to the civilian airport where normal security is," police source Lus said.

"If human casualties were recorded, the police would guarantee the circulation corridors," the same source said.

An Air Astana aircraft, flying 1388 KZR, flew from Algeria at 13:21 and headed for Minsk, capital of Belarus, but suffered a "critical error in navigation and flight control systems," the source said. aviation.

According to the same source, the Embraer aircraft carries out maintenance at OGMA workshops – the Portuguese aviation industry.

According to information previously supplied to Lus, the aircraft was only transported by a crew consisting of six people.

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