Thursday , October 6 2022

Windows 11 Release Windows 11: There’s a New Issue Affecting Speed!


Windows 11 got a new update very recently (build 22000.282) which fixes many bugs. One of them affected the performance of the new operating system with AMD processors on computers. However, when it comes to thinking that everything is out of Windows 11, there is one that can reduce the speed significantly. At least one euro.

Windows 11 Release Windows 11: There’s a New Issue Affecting Speed!

The new issue is related to File Explorer and can make the computer very slow. The good news is that the solution is coming soon.

Microsoft, in Windows 11, decided to replace the traditional File Explorer banner with the command bar with quick actions. Depending on what we select in Explorer, we see different things.

Windows 11 Speed

Through this command bar we can choose to copy, cut, rename, share and delete deleted files or folders. However, it is possible to change the display of the item. In fact, it has everything we need to make File Explorer a better way to use it. However, it does come with an unexpected overlay bug which can result in memory problem.

This is because the command bar does unnecessary calculation when users browse different folders, as has been the case with Windows on the modern website. Now that does cause a huge drop in performance.

In addition there are cigarettes in the context menu.

Correction is coming

The good news is that the fax was already being tested on Build 11 of Windows 22 of Build 22478, which is now available on the Civil Channel.

Not all problems are solved with AMD processors

Windows 11 Speed

It is true that the fax described above solves the main problem. But there is one. This is more appealing with the performance of priority cores and it’s easier to explain. Processors are multiple hexes of multiple cores. Currently and in most cases we have eight. Among them, there are some that are faster and that or those that are more energy efficient. That is, they are a little slow but they also cost less. The problem is that the task distribution in Windows 11 does not work very well. That way everything gets bigger and reaches the fastest core.

Although at the beginning we can understand that it is good to have tasks that work faster, it will close those cores when others are released. It’s the same thing as splitting a task into 8 people, but working two or two. The effect of performance is not known.

However, there is also a right way to solve this problem. AMD says it will come through a software update. That is, not through the Windows Update.

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