Thursday , May 26 2022

According to experts, anti-COVID-19 measures widespread exposure to mild flu outbreaks


With the advent of the Corona virus, our lives have changed, as are the classic trends and the urgency of the times, such as the classic seasonal flu. If the cases were almost non-existent last year, this year they could be lice.

If last year, there were no cases of influenza in children’s urine, and rhinovirus cases were reduced by a third, this year things are different, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

In the “Bambino Geso” Children’s Hospital in Rome, there are already patients with the adenovirus and respiratory-respiratory virus, equivalent to one percent that has been recorded during the entire epidemic. In addition, the first cases of influenza were reported in Italy, as temperatures dropped.

The Clyde changed our lives. And, unsurprisingly, this has affected some stable trends, such as the classic seasonal flu outbreak. Although last year’s flu outbreak was almost non-existent due to severe restrictions on the fight against the Corona virus, there may be several cases this year.

Last year, there were ten times the seasonal flu curves in autumn and winter in 2020-2021 countries. In Italy, for example, 2.4 million cases of flu-like illness have been reported, but the flu virus has not been infected this season.

This year, the scenario is different: a large part of the population (over 80 people over the age of 12) is vaccinated against the quotient and various restrictions have been lifted.

“Softening in measures will be more appealing with a higher number of flu cases than last year’s flu”,

“The idea that our immune system is altered or weakened, and that flu or infections or infections can attack us repeatedly or violently, is a far-reaching assumption, I think.” Said Louis Lopalco.

But a phenomenon might be an event: “Now, on average, the flu does not cause us every year, but in every four years, there may be cases in the next fall and winter that did not happen last year, In a kind of restorative effect. “, Says Lopalco. However, he added that we should not expect more cases of pandemic than in other epidemic seasons.

As a result, there may be a flu, but it is not known how strong it will be, and hospitals will have to deal with two fatal diseases. That’s why it’s a good idea to get vaccination for everyone, Covid against anti-Covid 19 and the flu, “and you can do it at the same time without problems,” adds Lopalco.

“In addition to vaccines, maintaining certain precautions, such as wearing masks, keeping distance, and frequent hand washing, will protect us. The cause of the flu outbreak, that is, the strong circulation of the virus, is a combination of factors: the low temperatures and the condition at home, coupled with the social connections, is the reality we get. Even when they are vaccinated, they reduce the risk of masks and distances “, a result of Lopalco, according to MediaFax.

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