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Dinamo – FCSB | New answer by Rednic Gnohere: "You do not have to forget the person who helped you"


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VIDEO Dinamo – FCSB. Duel testimony between Mircea Rednic and Harlem Gnohere continues. Before the big derby between Dinamo and FCSB, DIRECTLY on Digi Sport 1, Sunday at 21:00, Coach Dynamo gave him a new answer to the French striker after "Bison" would tell colleagues in the dressing room that "Rednic would have reason to apologize".

although Mircea Rednic is the one who brought Gnohere to Romania, the relations between the two are extremely strained after "Bizonul" signed with FCSB without the consent of his then impresario, even Luana Rednic's girl trainers. Puriul still sent a new message to the big derby.

That's his opinion and I know one word You do not have to forget the guy who helped you My satisfaction is when he calls me Michael Batshuayi who played in Chelsea in Dortmund now in Valencia and he asks me for health That's the coach's satisfaction That is a life that appreciates, appreciates who does not, not ", said Mircea Rednic on Wednesday at the Dinamo stadium, where he sold tickets to the FCSB derby.

Dinamo – FCSB. Harlem Gnohere and Mircea Rednic had clinics recently

Before returning to Dinamo, Mircea Rednic had an ironic commentary on Harlem Gnohere, which involved his transfer from Dinamo to FCSB.

"Bison said he wanted Steaua to play was since he was there, I saw what he did, has two championships and I do not know how many more", said Mircea Rednic in August 2018.

Gnohere has published the Instagram photo of the moment he celebrated the Mediaş goal, VIDEO Gaz Metan – FCSB 1-3, closed his ears with the following message: "Ignore the people who criticize you, the lion never returns when the dog barks."

Dinamo – FCSB. Gnohere lost the trial with Mirce Rednic's daughter

Transfer from Dinamo to FCSB is Harlem Gnohere. The French striker has lost the case filed by Luana Rednic, the coach's daughter Mircea Rednic Dynamo, for violating a unilateral contract.

Harlem Gnohere (30) will have to pay tens of thousands of euros. Romanian courts gave Luan Rednic the right to represent a French striker since he played in Dinamo. When he moved to FCSB, the footballer did not pay the Agent's commission and broke the contract himself.

Tickets for Dinamo – FCSB

Dinamo – FCSB, scheduled for Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 21:00, during the 15th round of League 1, will be DIRECTLY made to Digi Sport 1, but also to and m.digisport. ro, EXCLUSIVELY for RCS-RDS participants.

The match will also be broadcast in the LIVE VIDEO & TEXT format on and

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