Sunday , August 14 2022

DSP Iaşi warns of excessive consumption of antibiotics


The Department of Public Health in Iasi (DSP) highlights the over-use of drugs in recent years.

According to them, drug resistance, which is caused by their too frequent use and undesirable situations, continues to jeopardize the effectiveness of the treatment of infections caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.

Several weeks ago, doctors at the Infectious Disease Hospital St. Paraskeva in Iaşi has questioned the same phenomenon and has recommended that doctors and dentists prescribe medication before conducting the correct analysis or counseling the infected person.

Doctors believe that the main problems of excessive antibiotics consumption are of a health nature because treatment has begun to be immune to a number of viruses that could be treated so far and financially because of the often higher costs for stronger antibiotics.

"As an example of the severity of this phenomenon, 490,000 people of globally disseminated forms of multidrug resistant tuberculosis and resistance to antimicrobial agents begin to complicate the fight against HIV and malaria in 2016. In 2011-2016, the overall use of antibiotics in Romania remains high in the European context, because of systemic antibiotics, including penicillins: a third of the European average, "quoted the report.

According to a Eurobarometer survey conducted several years ago by the European Parliament, about one third of people used oral antibiotics within 12 months and most of them were prescriptive.

The same percentage of people are informed about the effects of abusive use of antibiotics. The European Day for the Information on Antibiotics (ZEIA) was recently celebrated to highlight the "silent tsunami" that threatens public health.

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