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Floor for Laurenţuu Reghecampf! This supervisor can also train by train


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Laurenţuu Reghecampf (43 years ago) Failure to return the FCCB seasonHowever, they wanted it Fat bali (60) but he tried to offer a very comprehensive presentation on the table of finance. Out of the Arab world, where it is entered, the ridge is still different from Europe, but they are in the early stages.

Certainly, as Stucco's former coach is not in a hurry because he is trying to try his own opportunity in another team in Europe. Not long ago, his dream is to prepare a team in Bundesliga, but now there is a possibility to note that he can get the technology bank. Sparta Prague!

The first talk was started between Sparte Prague and Laurentio Regimicf

What is the situation in Sparta? At the end of this year, the environment was very tough. He refused 11 footers for two weeks to dismiss Scotland Scandinavian, to trainWho is not! So there are some footballers who have made them clear that they will also leave It has also been included in the case of Nursure Store (25 years).

But Spartan Prague's leadership is a decision-maker because otherwise it was a Premier in European Foot. Therefore, it has been assumed that the skin skin will soon be eliminated, so the rig can enter equality, with which the secrets were first discussed. Anemia Predators The best collaboration with the leaders is related, and the mission of Spartan can help prepare your man to sign in.

Laurenţuu Reghecampf: "I have two good facilities!"

One reason for the irregularity proves that Stansi and Chopo detect Lorraine, without which Sparte used to make the international bench. The European Union Union Championship was severely defeated in National Arena on August 2016. Sparrows and then coaches were all zinc skis.

"Yes that's right. I have other ideas at this time. I have two advantages for myself and, now, I can be Germany or perhaps Germany"Laurentiu Reghecampf was confirmed, in a director statement, hosted by the show "Duchi Sports Special".

Sparthy Prague Czech is a delusional season in democracy: it is 5 points to 17 points above. Slovenia Prague And the degree of 13 seconds, Vitria bridal.

In the Scotts Championship, there are four goals in 17 games in Scotland, who bought from it AnderlechtIn January EUR 3.8 million.

Former Middlemaker Anthropy Alice, Wisdom And the Star (NFCCB) was given to Lal-Neil Underland US $ 7.8 millionBonus Extraction in August 2016.

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