Saturday , October 1 2022

Iulian Dumitrescu resigned from the leadership of the group …


"Iulia Dumitrescu's decision to withdraw from the leadership of the Senate's parliamentary group is the decision he holds in the discussion he has met with, and the idea of ​​dismissing his government the leading parliamentary group in the Senate does not mean Mr. Dumitrescu's appeal, but that is more serious initiation of the extraordinarily important he has been appointed jointly by Mr. Dumitrescu to allocate more and more energy to strengthen the relations with trade and civil society, "Orban said in a statement.

Concerning the existence of conflicting relations with Dumitrescu, Orban said that the existence of different opinions at a certain time depending on certain situations does not mean that there are conflicts.

"We can have different opinions and work very well because I think that as the PNL chairman I am willing to cooperate with anyone working for the PNL," Orban said.

He convinced that his proposal for leadership, which he discussed with dDumitrescu, was Florin Cita.

"I would like to remind myself that I had an institutional vision when I proposed the candidacy of Mr. Iulian Dumitrescu, who as the first deputy chairman of the party wanted to ensure a very good connection between the Executive Office and the Senate Parliamentary Group, as was the case and, in the case of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Florin Cît, Vice- and will certainly have the same mission to ensure a very good link between the executive office and the Senate parliamentary group, "he said. leader of the PNL.

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