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New Land Rover Defense – All Information

The new Land Rover Defender was officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. New model company as "specially qualified and durable Land Rover"Chat Lounge

New FOX architecture, pi-pro protection system with unobtrusive interface software-over-the-air update, geographic response technology New Width mode, static boot applied to the wall up to 300kg: The new Defender will be an exciting 4x 4!

New Land Rover Defense Model

We have two versions: Protector 90 and Defender 110.

For the Defender 90 we have the following dimensions: 4,323 mm long, 1,747 mm, 1,996 mm and 2,587 mm xphase. This version can carry up to 6 passengers.

The Defender 110 has the following data: 4758 mm in length, 1,967 in width, 1,996 mm in width, and 3,022 mm in shed base. This model can be made up of 5, 6 or 5 + 2 sets.

38 degrees of attack and sharp turn – 40 degrees. The landscape is 291 mm, the maximum depth is 900 mm and the new guard can handle up to 3,500 kilograms.

New Land Rover Defense Engine

There are two petrol engines – 2.0 liters / 300hp and 3.0 liters / 400hp – and a 2-2 liter diesel unit with 200 hp and 240hp power. All NXs can only be compatible with the half-speed automatic gearbox created by ZF. The 3 liter petrol unit is available with light hybrid technology.

It is the first Land Rover model to have a geographical responsive function, which offers the ability to switch between driver settings to more precise conditions.

New Land Rover Defense – Households & Accessories

Inside, the functional interior design is characterized by elements of the structure and new technologies, including the new pie-propulsion system. The 10-inch screen is exceptional and easy to use, while its always-on design guarantees near-instant answers. Because of the new defensive AVD 2.0 (Electric Vehicle Architecture) system it can get remote updates through software-over-the-air technology.

The Protector range is included in the SS, S, H, East Edition and Defense X range. Daphne is the most sensitive Land Rover in history, thanks to four different appliance packages. Each Explorer, Director, Country and Urban package model plays a distinct role, which allows owners to take full advantage of it. First edition equipment, which has unique specifications, will be available in the first year of production.

New Land Rover Defense Cost

The order list is open: Prices for 90 starts at 53,200 euros with VAT for 90 and with VAT for defense 110 from 59,000 euros.

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