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PAOK Thessaloniki, Rizwan Lucescu and Alexandru Mitriță led 4-1 at the break, but disaster struck.


GSP Article – Published Sunday, October 17, 2021, 6:00 PM / Updated Sunday, October 17, 2021 6:15 PM

PAOK Thessaloniki, coached by Tim Rizwan Lucescu, faced the Vols in the championship, scoring 4-4, though they fell 4-1 at the break! The match was part of the first league round in Greece.

Rozvan Lusko and Alexandro Metri, introduced PAOK at Thessaloniki in the 83rd minute, witnessed an incredible match. The hosts, the big favorite to win the game, initially won 4-1 at the break, with difficulties of 1.20, but could not retain the advantage.

Rizwan Lusko and Alexandro Maitreish, a possible match in Greece

The Volos quickly opened the score on a PAOK pitch in the 14th minute Van WertGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Rozvan Lusko’s student engine turned and scored a 4-score ERA to the break! Serbia Andrea Zivkovic Scored a double (32 and 42), and Microloids And Chupa AkpomThe downfall, from the midfielder Arsenal, also helped them succeed. Nothing has ever declared a disaster.

What Do Foreigners Do?  Cicâldău and Moruțan, Victory in Turkey + Man and Mihăilă, on the ground in Serbia Derby.

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What Do Foreigners Do? Cicâldău and Moruțan, Victory in Turkey + Man and Mihăilă, on the ground in Serbia Derby.

PAOK was also a very active team, but missed all the chances. By the way, the volcano is returning slowly but surely. Bartolo In the 53rd minute, then Rozero, After 6 minutes, light the end. Lusco was replaced, introducing stars to the bench, El Codori, Rodrigo or Maitre, but without any interest.

Captain Verena missed a shot at 11 meters in the 80th minute, then gave Peru Jean Pierre Reiner free throws and equalized.

Rosen Lusco, PAOK Response Function on the Bench

PAOK received 4 goals first November after Euro 2018, when it lost 0-4 against Chelsea in the Europa League.

Rizwan Lusko’s team is in danger of losing first position in Greece. He is currently on the lead with 13 points, just like today’s opponent. However, the Olympiacos champion has one short match and one deficit of two lengths long.

Ranked in the first league of Greece

Rizwan Lusco's team won 4-1 at intervals, but destruction followed!  The only thing that happened was Chelsea

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