Thursday , May 26 2022

The queues for Romania vaccination are: “I go with my husband, I convince him. We cannot be imprisoned. “


Keeping in view the growing number of illnesses and the situation in the ATI wards, the ERN decided to have several unresolved romaine vaccines this weekend.

Some centers in major cities even had deductibles and were in line. In the last 24 hours, more than 22,000 people have been vaccinated with the first dose.

To date, more than 5,600,000 people have been fully vaccinated. However, we remain at the bottom of the European ranking, with over 29% and 29% of the UK population protected.

A dozen people are lined up at a vaccination center in a capital mall. With or without an appointment, they all waited until they were ready, many of them with the first dose.

General Chat Chat LoungeMy son reassured me. Although he is 26 years old, he was first vaccinated. I work in construction. They didn’t ask me (at work – Ed) but most of them got vaccinated and I felt out of place.“One person said in a row.

We thought it might not happen to us or we were careful to be careful, but we had quite a few cases in the circle of friends and family and we thought we should get vaccinated.“, Another person was added.

This is also a row at the Vaccination Center in Uber Square.

-Have you been made vaccinated?
-Case deduction and you also run in some restrictions, so we have to do that in the end

I go with my husband, I convinced him, I have or have. We cannot afford to be lockedSaid a woman.

At a vaccination center in Constanța, the average number of people who come to get vaccinations is 1,500 people a day, and the trend is on the rise.

All we have to do now, with school, is enter three classes in Quarantine a day.“, Someone pointed out.

And in the ICI, in the last 24 hours, nearly 2,000 people have opted against vaccine against vaccine, one-fourth of them in the first dose.

My husband had a flu, he came out just 3 days ago, got sick from the disease and I thought this vaccine was important.Said a woman.

At Iasi International Airport, those who receive the vaccination receive free parking for 48 hours.

The highest rate of vaccination in the country is in the Dumfriesia Community, near Timișoara. Over 54% of Vaccinians are vaccinated.

This is a real disaster in our country and we are doing everything possible to prevent itSaid a woman.

Cosmina Ștefan – Chief Physician of the Vaccination Center: “They think vaccination is an effective way to prevent epidemic disease.

A new episode of the 300,000 vaccine vaccine from Pfizer BioNTech will arrive in the country by plane in Otopenny.

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