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The situation has been repeated for many years

A teacher attacked two of his students with a 6-year-old preparation sprayer. All of this happened 24 hours a day, at a school in seventh Marie County.

The SM Press reports that the two children were taken immediately to Santo, and from there they were transported to a hospital guardroom in Venice.

Few are out of danger.

Lemimata, 43, claimed she had been attacked by both children.

The police officer was initially arrested by the Santou police station, but then the case was taken by the police from the technical railway police section, which arrested the teachers for 24 hours.

Sources also note that an investigation was opened by a seventh Marie County School Inspector in this case.

The teacher will be fired, said Colin Darla, the school's inspector general.

"With respect to children under ten, you cannot have a legitimate defense. If those schools were high schools, we would understand.

What Andronesco says

About this case, academic photographer Ekaterina Androscu said that the teacher has a history and is known as "aggressive".

According to Andronescu, the woman is "holding" each year, but this cannot be removed from the system, because each year the physician discusses an idea that students can work with.

"There is nothing in this school. This situation has been repeated with the woman for many years. The doctor gives a yearly opinion to the doctors and can come back to the school at any time.

I talked to a few minutes ago through the Inspector General of the School of the Seventh Marie and she told me that she has a grade of 7 and she participates in a competition organized by the inspector to complete her post each year.

Every year, the doctor gives the opinion of a healthy man who can work with children, and here he recites, "said A. Catarino Andronescu for Digi24.

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