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This is the reason for the three infestations of Busu! Images are more than narrative


CANCAN.RO, page 1 in Romania, is the only reason why three violations have been sustained on Tuesday night by Florin Busuioc. The paintings are more than just told and the doctor's verdict, according to which the PRO TV star has reached hospital beds because of cigarettes, has no doubt. (Get your dream car in a few months!)

Florin Busuioc suffered three heart attacks on Tuesday night after performing in Craiova on the stage of the Olten Philharmonic. The SMURD crew was invited to the scene, who resurrected the actor for several minutes and then took him to a hospital in the city.


Seriously, Florin Busuioc, the Prague Crisis Hospital, operated physicians Paul Traşcă and Eugen Ţieranu, who is a resident. PRO TV received a stent. Subsequently, it was decided that the actor would be transported to Bucharest by the SMURD helicopter. The plane landed on Wednesday afternoon in the capital of Morari Fire Detachment, and Busu was admitted to the C.C. Hospital of Iliescu, Fundeni Hospital. (Get involved and get $ 10,000 a month!)

Smoking, the main culprit

Medical sources claim that excessive smoking has brought Florin Busuioc into this situation. It is certain that the PRO TV star is a smoking smoker. And this is the testimony of the images CANCAN.RO, page 1 from Romania, recently.

As you can see, Florin Busuioc "sucks" cigarettes before suffering from three heart attacks. The actor was simply addicted to tobacco. Conclusion that eventually led him to the hospital bed. The PRO TV star could by no means be separated from cigarettes!


Florin Busuioc was at all times a fanatic, whether he was in the company of his family, friends, or himself on the street. Along with television and theater, smoking was one of his passions. A huge number of daily cigarettes finally caused her three heart attacks to a beloved actor. (The best videochat studio in Bucharest will find)

Physicians also claim that the most important risk of using tobacco affects the cardiovascular system. In particular, smoking is one of the most important factors in triggering myocardial infarction (heart attack).

Smoking, the reason for the three infestations suffered by Florin Busuioc

Saved doctors at home

Unbelievable information appears in the case of Florina Busuioc after the three sufferers after the show in Craiova. Eugen Zieranu, one of two doctors who entered the operating theater to save a life actor, is a resident and is reportedly unemployed because there are no hospital rooms. (NOT INCLUDED: PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGINES WITH FLORIN TRADE AT LANDSCAPE, WHICH ARE GIVEN, BRUSSELS, VICTORY)

As soon as he got to the hospital, the artist was taken to the operating theater where he was run by two young doctors Eugen Zieranu and Paul Traşcă, who were called from home after the head of the cardiology department in Craiova did not answer the phone when an urgent intervention was attempted.

The first doctor is at the end of the stay. At the age of 30, Zieran returned from emergency and accepted the entrance to the operating room with colleague Dr Paul Tracec. The procedure lasted 10 minutes and there were no problems. (Video chat studio Bucharest offers a guaranteed salary!)

Eugen Ţieranu, a resident physician who operated Florina Busuioc

Florin Busuioc debuted on television in 1996

Florin Busuioc was born on 19 May 1962 in Hunedoara. He grew up here, but also in the village Šoimareşti, in the Neamţ county. A charismatic artist is more known as a television man than an actor. Although the dream of becoming an actor brought him to Bucharest. "Busu," as publicly known, made his television debut in 1996 and in 2010 he was nominated by the European Meteorological Council as the best weather.

"We started at TVR with a children's show "Tip-Top Minitop", in which I came to make a TVR movie, a horrible story with a cat that the hotel was driving. Please, it was a very nice movie. The Tip-Top Minitop makers noticed me and suggested to do so. It took several years of the show, we also made a parallel show, also in TVR, also for children. The show continued after leaving"The TV moderator told


Currently, Florin Busuioc is in the second marriage. For many years he has married Liliana, with whom he has two daughters: Natalie and Catinca. His first wife Marieta Busuioc, who joined him from 1991 to 2008, gave him a boy. This is called Florin Busuioc Jr.

Smoking killed Ilie Balaci

Ilie Balaci died on October 21, the main cause of death is an acute myocardial infarction accompanied by cardio-respiratory failure. He was only 62 years old. The former glory of Craiova University had, like Florin Busuioc, a major flaw, namely cigarettes. Just a few hours before he gave his last breath, "The Blonde Wonder" spent the morning at the Bunny Club.

"At night, he smoked at least three cigarette packs, meaning that more than 60 cigarettes", said the source for

Smoking was the only testimony that Elijah could not leave.

Just like Florin Busuioc, Ilie Balaci was a smoking smoker

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