Tuesday , September 21 2021

Yard Romum in Rome SHOWBIZ. Secrets in a Old Bourgeois It's everything: "That's the first time!"

Adela Popo was first born, a perfectly healthy boy. Posted the first picture on social account in the TV-based Social Binary, with which he wrote a message for his friendly friends.

"Gataaaaaa! Uraaaa! ???? Here, after my five-hour work, I have a little bit up after my birth place. I do not have a good picture, but I hope you feel unbelievable to feel that I A little boy is good, healthy, pleasant and pleasant. We are all four Radical Vocus, "Edla Pososco" has written on the social account.

Last day, Adela Popescu sent an emotional message to her blog. "I often ask from the world that I am happy. Am I, what I am, what I am, or they do not affect their criticism." If I thought I'd have done that I was pregnant To work for the last month or more, for all, except for "the area of ​​interest," I have an answer: I chose with heart, heart, and I chose only those things that I believed.

So, I think we do not have to waste our time with regret, it's time to choose us, the best at the time and the happiness of us. "

This is a live in news! Rare jailers: They want to arrest me

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