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Eagle FC 42: Shlymenko – Husseinov, Live Broadcast, Online Fighting Shalimanko – Husseinov, October 17, 2021


Igor Bragin

A merchant called Huseynov Shlemenko

“I ushed it out because he just didn’t understand me as a fighter. The kilogram difference, I didn’t think it was a problem. A yellow card wandered and cut 35% of the fees … He treated Rave as a businessman and that’s it. See you tomorrow, tomorrow i’m in good mood Si, uh, victory will be mine. I won’t give it to you, “Husseinov said in a video posted on the Eagle FC Instagram account.

Igor Bragin

Hosseinov admitted that he disliked Shlyminko

“The man did that, so I decided to do it. Now I have a negative attitude towards this. He didn’t understand, but I was weighted, came, tried, saved the tournament. I was already prepared to respond, but I stopped so that the league did not disappoint, “quoted TASS Husseinov.

Igor Breen

Shlemenko – Huseynov: A wartime viewing period. Video

Huseynov, stepping on the platform, approached Shlyminko and took him with his head. Omechech swiftly gives the opponent some of his own hands. At that time, the president of the league, Shamil Zavorov, stopped the B&W and the Jeddah between fighters.

The video is available on the official Eagle FC Instagram account. Video copyright is owned by Eagle FC.

Igor Breen

Shlemenko commented on the situation in Huseynov’s interest

Let Khabib talk to him. Don’t let him fight, I pay my fees and why and go home.

Why else do I say that? Everything is professional. I weighed, I did my job. I am ready to fight, “Sheleminko said in an opinion post on Alexander Litikov’s YouTube channel.

Igor Breen

Huseynov explained that he did not lose weight

In an interview with Alexander Lewitikov’s YouTube channel, Arthur said:

“Where To Drive? I didn’t sleep for days, I was on the road for 11 hours, at night, with bags, but I still needed to prepare, move and get things done. This is for those who are coming a few days before the tournament and do not have to drive comfortably (Shalimanko’s gesture).

Igor Breen

Shlyminko – Gusinov: Artur didn’t lose weight before the tournament

At the weightlifting ceremony, the storm showed a weight of 84.2kg. Huseynov, however, could not be found to the limit. It weighed 85.6kg. The wasp was about 1. 1.4kg. The organizers suggested that the order continue the weight race and return to the scales in the morning, but the fighters refused.

According to international MMA rules, he must pay his opponent part of his fee and start the fight with a yellow card. That means the starting five minutes will start with Hussein’s minus one point.

Igor Bragin

Where To Watch The Fight Online Broadcast Shlemenko – Huseynov

It will be shown on Russian TV by Mech TV. At 18:00, the opening card will begin broadcasting on the Match Fighter channel, with the Eagle FC 42 tournament at 19:30 moving to the main Match TV channel. The main battle is expected around 21:00 Moscow time.

Igor Bragin

time will start the battle between Shlemenko and Guseinov, the time of Moscow?

The Eagle FC 42 tournament starts at 15.30 in Moscow time. The main card is at 19.30. The main battle between Shlemenko and Huseynov begins at approximately 21.00.

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