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France's European finance minister will stop the development of Libra in Europe

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayer said Facebook's digital lira threatened the finances of states. Officials at the conference emphasized that their development would not be allowed in Europe OECDGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

"I want to state myself clearly: We do not allow the development of Libra in Europe under current conditions", – Comrade Leir Mayor France 24.

Al-Mayer noted that Labor spends systematically, as Fax has more than 2 billion users worldwide. Any failure in the network will, in his opinion, lead to serious financial shocks.

The Minister expressed concern over Libra's ability to transform national funds into countries, and not to mention the dangers of terrorist financing.

Analysts have already pointed out that France does not have indirect privileges over French Switzerland, where the Labor Association Consortium is registered. It is likely that it is only obliged to block any applications working on the land of your country and work with digital currencies for merchants.

Today, Mark Bryson, of the New Zurcher Zeitung (NZZ), said in an interview with Swiss financial regulator FINMA that Switzerland is open to coordinating Libra regulation internationally. He added that other countries are not pressuring the agency, as it is aware of the scale of the Facebook project.

Remember, Lira intends to launch Lira in the first half of 2020.

David Marcus, CEO Calebra, spoke more about a US congressional count.

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