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High-risk Russian Armed Forces of British Air Force headquarters :: Politics :: RBC



The British Air Force headquarters declared the most dangerous Russian weapon

The most dangerous types of Russian weapons are the diagnostic items of the Allegheny Ante: the SA-400 aircraft missile system, the Tushan-Pay coast missile system, and the operational-tactical complex. This review was conducted with the assistance of British Army Air Force personnel and combat readiness, reports the Military Gazette Genius 360.

According to Ball, the threat from these missile systems requires a UK response. He said the country's air force is working to counter "missile bubbles" that have access to certain areas (designated Encyclopedia / Area Inc., complex A2 / AD). Such "bubbles" play an important role in complex "screamers", C-400s and "traction", allowing the enemy to enter safely. According to Ball, they are trying to solve problems using artificial intelligence and new weapons and equipment. A representative from the Air Force Centers noted that the weapons produced by Russia cast doubt on the UK's ability to respond quickly to the changing situation.

A2 / AD – Russia's concept of weapons, in the West's knowledge "West has been rejected." Within the range of the system, NATO forces cannot be safely and can be moved around. The Alexander-M missile system is designed to destroy small targets, missile systems, multi-launch launch routing systems, long-range artillery, helicopters in aircraft and airfields, as well as order posts and communications centers. The 400-plane aircraft missile system, along with scandal and anti-aircraft systems from the Bastion class, plays a key role in the A2 / D2 concept.

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