Tuesday , May 17 2022

In Chakasia, a member of the Electoral Commission was postponed to give two votes to the woman: Politics :: RBC


In the district of Khakassia, the district court of Sorsky appealed to a member of the district electoral committee of the Republic, who in second hand earned two ballots during the second round of elections for the governor of the region. That was reported by deputy Khakassia Election Commission Irina Admaeva, RIA Novosti News.

She said there was a woman in the polling station who had her passport and her son in her arms. The committee member gave her two ballots, but the Russian woman voted one after the other.

Admaeva also said that the Territorial Electoral Commission of Chernogorsk is considering a complaint against three girls who may have voted without passports. She added that such a vote has not yet been set. Admaeva also said that the election committee in Chakasia received four complaints about an election campaign on the Internet, eight votes on the election of the People's Head.

Maxim Grigoriev, deputy head of the Citizens' Rights Watch Monitoring Working Group, also said about the illegal campaign in the Chakasia elections. He noted that he was fighting for a single candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation for the post of Governor Valentin Konovalov and against him. According to him, "a lot of misdemeanors" were recorded. Grigorjev remarked that there are videos from the locals who capture how the campaign is running in the polling stations. "Several cases of serving voters in polling stations have been reported, minibuses with agitation of the Communist Party in polling stations have also been reported," he said.

Grigoriev also said that the public-line telephone line received more than 30 complaints of violations of the election. "Officially, the hotline has more than 30 calls and, of course, more," he explained.

CEC Vice-President Nikolai Bulaev said there were no significant complaints and comments during the Chakasia elections. "All complaints will be compulsorily considered and reacted," he added. Bulajev said that the fact of voters' delivery had not been proven. Admaeva confirmed this fact and added that there were no complaints on the spot.

CEC announced the first results of Chakassi's election with a single candidate

On Sunday, November 11, the second round of presidential elections in Chakasia took place. In order for a vote to be valid, more than 50% of voters must vote as the only candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. According to the CEC website of the Russian Federation, according to the results of the calculation of 8.51% of the votes for Konovalov, 56.19% of voters voted against 42.85%.

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