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Julia Menshova has announced archive photos with her parents, Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova


10:41, 11/07/2018

Frames come from 1984.

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49-year-old Julia Menshova is an active social networking user. Actress and TV lecturer share the shots of her life in the microblog on Instagram, followed by 485,000 subscribers. It is remarkable that the star often releases his retro photo. So Julia has already shown her youthful looks and praising the character she had 12 years ago. Today the celebrity has published regular archive pictures. Within the framework of the event, he presents famous parents – Vladimir Menshov and Věra Alentová.

"Good morning! One unknown but wonderful person sent over social. network – scarcity. Photos from a Polish magazine. 1984 Not lazy and especially photographed. Like, do not I have such things all at once? And no error. We have no such photos. And they are so beautiful! he did my day! THANKS ", – the author's spelling and punctuation written by Menshov are listed without changes. Ed.).

Julia Mensh, 49, has published archive photos with her parents (photo gallery – scroll right).

Like many other celebrities, Julia Mensh's hit the heats in social networks. The appearance of a television star is most often criticized. Some Internet users accuse her of abusing plastic surgery, while others, on the contrary, recommend that they repair her appearance. Once Menshave responded to all the attacks and did it in a way that was special to her – irony. The TV star has released a number of funny pictures and ridiculed stereotypes about myself, such as "I've come to the day to bring some kind to people not to hurt to appear" and "I'm thinking about it?" Well, of course … but how do you want? "

Julia Menshova

Julia Menshova has been repeatedly criticized. In August of last year, the star, along with Maxim Galkin, hosted an updated "Tonight" show on Channel One. However, the debut Julie and Maxim did not show to all viewers. Critics, especially against Mensh, have proven to be far more than cognitive reviews. The host decided to respond to hatred and acknowledged that the first pancake was flat. Julia also promised to work on mistakes, but the audience's discontent still accuses her of being unprofessional.

But Julie Menshov's personal life thrives. Let's remind you that the television star has been 20 years happily married to Igor Gordin. The couple has two children – a 20 year old son Andrey and a 15-year-old daughter Taisiya. Ironically, some sort of salad that was in the life of famous parents (Vladimir Menshov and Věra Alentová lived separately for several years and then rejoined) appears in the personal life of the tv creator: Gordin left her for several years

49-year-old Julia Menshova responded to the criticism of her performance with a joke

Julia Menshova with parents and children

49-year-old Julia Menshova responded to the criticism of her performance with a joke

Julia Menshova and Igor Gordin

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