Tuesday , May 17 2022

Ksenia Sobchak boasted a fan bouquet – Rambler / News


Ksenia Sobchak has received a luxurious bouquet of roses from a mysterious fan whose name she did not publish and instantly boasts a gift to the public because it is always nice to accept love and recognition in this way. And, in fact, something was rejoicing: the bouquets of flowers in a simple package turned out to be so big and heavy that the TV moderator could barely pick it up.

Stars are no strangers donations from enthusiastic fans who try to surprise and delight their idols. Flower bouquets, portraits and other gifts are always handed over to artists at the end of the show and sometimes they can find other places where you can give your gift to celebrities. The next day, Ksenia Sobchak received a huge bouquet of flowers and the TV moderator dived to share the audience and hid the name of the mysterious benefactor.

It is worth mentioning that Ksenia Sobchak had every reason to be flattered. Her bouquet, though wrapped in a simple and plain package, proved unexpectedly heavy. Sobchak tried to raise it to show the cities from all sides, dipped under the weight of the stems, and laughed and fell on the sofa. "I've come to work and then I'm a fan! When one loves, he always finds a way to show love," Sobchak said, posing with a very heavy bouquet.

Numerous roses have been received by many well-known artists and models. But talking about flowers, it's impossible not to mention Kylie Jenner, a younger sister in the family of American television stars Kardashian. Her boyfriend, musician Travis Scott, on the second day gave the beloved one, she seems, the same million of the scarlet roses.

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