Tuesday , September 21 2021

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Give American actor Leonardo DiCaprio a donor to the American federal authorities, who was awarded the role of Martin Brnoño in the portfolio in Port in 1954. Report about it

Discipline received a statue in the gift of his friend Joyout, who was arrested on the complaint of billionaire dollars fraud. It is noticed that fundorrhea was spending money on drug addictions, Malaysia's State Fund of 1MDB. For instance, on the personalization of $ 250 million and Artist of Wanggong and Passoo.

According to prosecutors, at the expense of the funds received illegally, the law which sponsored the film "Wolf of Wall Street" for which D Capri nominated Oscar. The Fansancer company company worked with giant granite images, which was engaged in the production of resistance "Hello, Dad, New Year!" And "Dumb and Dumber."

Due to this scandal, De Captio gave all the gifts received by Louis, including Bill Gill, including the still Psychoscope, whose artist kept in Switzerland.

In 2016, FFB investigated The Captio in Chearious Case in Malaysia. The charitable organization of the actor was doubtful about involvement in the Fund in FY 1.

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