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"Super!" Show a picture of three species of Podolskia perennikov

Natalia Podolsia – the wife of Vladimir Pryznikov's junior – added a touching and historical image to her Instagram. The singer's wife published a photo in which the star asked for three generations of the star family: Vladimir Pryznikov's head and his wife Elena, by the name of their son Pizhnikov, granddaughter of Nikita and his wife Elena Krasova.

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"It is like that today"– Signed the post with a lot of heartbreak along with Podolskia's post.


According to Natalia Podolcia's users, they make a real miracle – to collect a star family is not very easy. Tourists have a lot of road relations and busy schedules. The pictures were impressed by Prynikov's wife of a journalist and tried to seduce her pets.

"Very beautiful picture, sincere";

"We like you. You're so warm, sweet, kind, real";

"Encyclopedia!" – The follower wrote.

In connection with Vladimir Primimkov's legal agreement with Natalia Podolskaya in 2010. This wedding was another singer.

Earlier, said Natalia Podolskia Does not fit on infinity time in pool.

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