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The Russians issued TVs for the price of very cheap smartphones


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BBC Russia has six budget televisions. All models are characterized by digital TV support, which is related to the transition from digital broadcasting to Russia, and all of them cost less than 9000 revs. In the future, the BBC plans to expand the range of TVs with larger models and models with smart video support.

Anecdotal Crisis TV

Russian company Becky TV has introduced six new models for the company's domestic market. All new things are no more than 9,000 wriggles. They are available for sale in large electronics stores.

The six TVs can be divided into three lines of two models, with the main difference being the size of the display. The smaller series TVs have a 21.5-inch screen, the next 23.6-inch, the third 31.5-inch.

Tv ct

21.5-inch wheels include BK-2201B and BK-2202B televisions. Model costs 6490 rubles. Each has full HD ray support (1920×1080 pixels) and two 3W speakers.

The viewing angle of both TVs is 170 degrees horizontally angled and 160 degrees horizontally, giving 16.7 million colors exposure and ability to return. Televisions include analog and digital (DCD-C / T / T2 / S2) tuners, satellite TV antenna input, a single MCM and USB connector, as well as component and composite audio and one. CX FEDAL.

In terms of design, the first six BETTVs are not separate from each other

The dimensions of the TV are 502x153x334 mm and 502x66x299 mm with one stand. The power requirement shall not exceed 36 watts during operation. In terms of features, there are no differences between the models.

Monitor TVs

With the 23.6-inch screen, the BER 2401B and the BER 2402B are on the BBC's new product list. The acoustics are more powerful than the younger model – 16 W (two white speakers 8 W each), but the resolution is 1366 × 768 pixels (HD format).

In fact, the BQ 2401B and BQ 2402B are different from the front row, except for the standby display, matrix record, acoustics and physical dimensions, 552x67x332 mm as well as 552x151x366 mm. The rest of the features are identical – the Metals' viewing angle, the number of connections, and the Azalea integration in terms of the presence of a digital tire. HDMI can be used here to connect to a computer's system unit instead of a traditional monitor.

The BR2401B and BKR2402B TVs cost 6990 rubles. Ideally. Resel electricity required. 48 Watt.

Biggar Video

The BRRB-AR 3201B and BER 3202B TVs are also priced at Rs 8990. In both cases, a single matrix matrix with a 31.5-inch wide backlight is used to see the light and the universe compared to other TVs. 178 degrees vertically and horizontally. The number of colors displayed is 16.7 million.

Rez TVs vary depending on the location of the control button

The TVs receive two 7-way speakers, each with a USB port to connect to external drives and two HDMI inputs. A total of 730x78x430 without a composite were found, and by one chance – 730x189x473 mm.

All six new BB TVs include a headphone jack, a CI + card, and tablet support. The rated power of older models is 65 watts.

A lot of TV

BA claims to have entered the television market for the first time, and there are no other models besides those listed in the list. Nevertheless, there are more than 30 TVs on their official website (, which cost 49.5 inches wide and cost 22,000 rubles.


The BBC is producing dozens of modern low-cost TVs

The list of models, in addition to the independent ones, includes televisions in the 38.5, 39.5, 40 and 42.5-inch screens. Among them are common and smart TVs (smart TVs). For example, the 23.6-inch BQ is on the 24S01B 8990 rubles. They were all available at the time the content was posted. As BYR representatives dubbed the NNs, there are still only six announced models available for purchase. In the future, the company will have a broad range of TVs.

Baby Story

The Spanish broadband, which should not be confused with the speaker BQ Mobile, has been around since 2013, and its name stands for Bright and Quick. Trademark Copywriter is New Line LLC.


BAE 5535L Strike Power Plus

Under the BBR, Nokia launches smartphones, tablet computers, collector cell phones, as well as other gadgets and accessories in Russia, and now television. For example, in August 2019, the company began selling high-capacity batteries for smartphones 5535L Strike Power Plus and 6035L Handheld Power Max. Both devices relate to the power segment and cost 7,000 rubles. BAE 5535L Strike Power Plus with a 5.45-inch screen and 5000mAh battery; and 8000 rubles for a 6-inch BHD 6035L Handheld Power Max with 6000mAh battery.

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