Thursday , October 6 2022

Ukraine About the Difficulties in contacting the Kremlin Zielinski Ukraine: Ukraine: US Tree USSR:


It is difficult to communicate with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zielinski, who alone calls the party a “stubborn” Russia in the Donbas conflict. It was recovered by the Kremlin’s Representative Dmitry Peskov, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, it is precisely these difficulties that prevent the four leaders of the Normandy Quartet from coming together, but not Al Than.

Pyskov once again emphasized that Russia is not a party to the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine, and it is written in the Minsk Treaty. Zelensky’s non-recognition of this document, signed by his nephew, makes the communication very complicated. That is, it is very difficult for Putin to contact. Putin is responsible for his words, he says what he does and what he says. And while it is not compatible with the other, it is very, very difficult, “said the Russian president’s representative.

Earlier, Verkhovna Rada’s former deputy Alexei Zhuravko in a conversation with “” said that when the president of the two non-state countries does not interact with each other, the situation can be critical at any time. Politicians have suggested that the dialogue between the official Ukraine and Moscow could end up being largely transformed into a short bloody war in the military front, Arai or Donbas, which could lead to the destruction of the country.

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