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"United Russia" helped self-proclaimed Ischenko candidate to collect signatures in Primorye – Politics


VLADIVOSTOK, November 20. / Tass /. The Primorsky Regional Branch of the United States helped to collect the signatures required for the registration of self-candidate Andrei Ishchenko and other candidates seeking Governor Primorye's post. This is stated in the report on the official site of the regional branch of the party.

"Assistants in the collection of signatures received self-nominated candidates and candidate candidates, for example 69 people signed by Pavol Mikhalchenko and 58 members from Russia for Andrei Ishchenko received 103 signatures of Oleg Mitvol, 88 representatives of the UR supported by Andrei Ischenko municipal authorities", – he said in his statement.

According to the regional secretary of the Ludmila Talabayev Party, all the applicants were given help. "So we were in the run-up to the September elections, we do the same, we did not make any binding decisions by the deputies, but it was based on the fact that every candidate or seat of the candidate who turned to our deputy has the right to expect the same starting conditions campaign ", – her words are mentioned in the report.

From October 26, the Regional Electoral Commission received a statement from those wishing to take part in the election of Governor Primorye. From 11 November to 18 November inclusive, candidates who have expressed their wish to take part in the election must submit documents for registration after verification, which the election committee decides on registration or rejection.

About elections

Elections for the head of Primorye took place on 9 September, followed by Andrej Tarasenko (United Russia), the then governor of the United States, and Andrei Ishchenko, deputy regional legislative assembly. At the end of the second round, Tarasenko won, gaining 49.55% of votes, his opponent Ischenko gaining 48.06%. Both candidates blamed each other for violating the law. On September 20, the Territorial Election Commission recognized the results of the Governor's election as void.

New elections at the head of Primorye will take place on 16 December. Ischchenko became the only participant in September to announce the participation in the re-election. On 3 November, however, the Regional Committee of the Communist Party refused to appoint him as a candidate. He then decided to become a candidate for himself.

Formerly, candidates for the governor-led region, Oleg Kozhemyako, Rosa Chemeris, the nominated regional affiliate of For Women of Russia and the former vice-governor of the region, a member of the patriot party of Russia, Igor Štěpánenko.

A total of 22 people reported to the regional election commission their desire to vote, including 12 self-proclaimed candidates, the rest being representatives of the parties. Only 11 people submitted registration documents.

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