Friday , September 30 2022

Al-Aiban: The Royal State Prosecutor's Office prepares cameras for investigation


Head of the Saudi delegation at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Dr. Bandar Al-Aiban, said that the Kingdom had adopted several child protection measures: providing child protection and youth protection and creating a free and unified telephone line to support children under the age of 18 with the number 116111.

Al-Aiban has confirmed that the Public Prosecutor's Office in the UK places special cameras in investigative offices and extends its members to include in the case files the definition of the accused by his rights and the inclusion of concepts contained in the human rights conventions.

This came during the presentation of the "Al-Aiban" speech by the United Kingdom Human Rights Council in Geneva during the discussion of the Third Kingdom report on a general periodic review.

Al-Aiban pointed out that most of the recommendations made by the Kingdom in its previous reports were supported and considered as indicators for measuring progress in the promotion and protection of human rights.

He explained that the rights and empowerment of women are the most important areas of reform and development in the reporting period and indicate the quantity and quality of the measures taken in this context and their results.

The Royal Decree was issued to create a large anti-corruption committee to protect public funds and eradicate corruption, which is an obstacle to the country's development plans.

He added: "The Kingdom has created a committee that prepares a draft Code of Judicial Judiciary Decisions and is classified as material within the door of Islamic jurisprudence."

Al-Aiban stressed the compatibility of all military operations within the coalition to support the legitimacy of Yemen in full compliance with the rules of international humanitarian law.

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