Thursday , October 6 2022

Greater Yemeni REAL Termination and Central Bank Eden Accelerates


Greater Yemeni REAL Termination and Central Bank Eden Accelerates


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The Central Bank of Yemen officially announced that 54 companies had suspended exchange and exchange shops in the southern port city of Eden and their businesses and banks for refusing to comply with the law to repatriate their licenses. Due to non-compliance of instructions.

In Eden, dealers told Reuters that Yemeni exchange rates recorded an unprecedented decline in the evening market exchange, with $ 1,350 REAL for purchase and 1,370 REAL for sale, 1,320 REAL on Thursday and about 1, 1, 210 REAL per dollar 10 days ago.

The suspension of a large number of exchange companies by the central bank of Yemen has come at a time when the value of the Yemeni currency continued its sharp and record decline, with the dollar in the coastal city of Eden and the foreign currency at the third level. To reach, where. The dollar price came close to the 1400 RIL barrier, amid an unusual wave of prices. Eden and the Southern Governments food Price of food and beverage products: pornography and crazy rise.

The Central Bank, which is headquartered in Eden, confirmed in a statement by Reuters that these companies would be handed over to the authorized authorities (judicial and security) to complete the process of implementing the necessary legal procedures against them. Based on the decision of the central bank.

In its statement, the Central Bank of Yemen emphasized that it had followed all guidelines on regulatory exchange activities by it, and avoided practices and practices that impacted exchange rates and market stability.

Traders say that the political and military ments in Yemen are at a slower pace, leading to an unprecedented decline in the exchange rate.

Source: Reuters

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