Tuesday , January 18 2022

Philadelphia Newsletter, Zermic, Sassi, Nicazade and Kassago, and for rest of Isaac


Zonal International Hamad Alizaz, Fajjani Sassi and Kongo Kasago, returned to the foundation team.

The earthquake was played physically in Zimbabwe in the Stadium.

After completing the joining of their national teams, conduct regular tangles in training.

On the other hand, Morocco's Hafiz Hamid Ahad, the rest team, after receiving the permission of the Koching Officer, saved from training.

Today, the technologically impressed by technological infections has been allowed, the home team has been ready to prepare for tomorrow's match.

After all, team Hafiz Mahmood Hamidi continues to cure his team from the doctor, as to restore the wound.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto died 2-0 in the house on Thursday evening in 15 th century.

The landowners are ready to end Ali Donga at the end of the 16-fourth part of the League.

After winning a difficulty on the interior, you have a perfect match for Zamalek L. Gouna. Choose from here

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