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Trump plans to crack electric cigarettes with different flavors than tobacco

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US President Donald Trump has announced that his administration will ban e-cigarettes from certain flavors, some of which have a relationship with alcoholism.

"Electronic cigarettes have become a new problem, especially with regards to children, they need to be addressed," Trump told reporters.

Health Minister Alex Azim said a plan was reached to prevent the circulation of all types of Asian cigarettes in the US market.

33 have reported 6 deaths and 450 fatalities in the United States, all with different flavors than tobacco-connected tobacco.

According to the records, the majority of registered cases are under 19 years.

Michigan was the first state to stop smoking cigarettes this month.

Archer announced after a meeting with Trump in the White House that it would take a few weeks for U.S. journalists in the military and drug administration's health department to announce new directions on e-cigarettes.

She said the ministry would have taken drastic measures if it was clear that children were focusing on trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

First Lady Melania Trump has tweeted on her Twitter account from time to time that "I am very worried about the rate of electric smoking in my children."

Malaya was present at the meeting with her husband and the Health Minister at the Supreme House.

Trump told reporters after the meeting that his administration would take strong steps to protect innocent children, including his 13-year-old son Baron.

"We cannot disclose our illness to people with this disease and we cannot affect these effects on young people."

"So the first lady found herself interested in her Dasser because she is a son, beautiful and young, and very concerned about her."

"That's why I – the new law – and we read it together, many are reading but people are suffering from electronic smoking, so we have to be careful."

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Trump said he hopes the new law should make it harder for parents to treat their children when they enjoy drinking electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette makers of various flavors are involved in the manufacture of street-adorning organs such as oils, mangoes and comics.

The company, which is part of the e-cigarette market item, stopped selling last year's products to spur community anger.

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