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Update the duo with the ability to record and delete video calls in bulk

Google has released the latest version of its duo app, which can permanently delete audio and video history, and based on 9to5 Google's Tech app, the new update is also coming with a host of upcoming features.

Features include low light mode and "graph mode" modes, which can provide app search internet and interact with dark color designs in the list, and can be accessed through the new "options" option in settings.

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The duo's low-lit approach will also be available in the near future, where Google has been working on this for some time, and this practical request for ADD developers demonstrates how they work on it from January of this year. Are doing, but some new series of code indicates that it will be coming soon.

The low light mode makes it possible for the user and someone else to see each other in the line while streaming video over the wire.

Google is also looking forward to messaging calls from call teams, which can update applications in a story-like format, those explored by the app, in any other upcoming features, though it's unclear when the new features will be available to users.

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